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How To Start A Blog Which Resonates With Customers

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Who Should Write The Blog?

There is a lot of debate surrounding who should write business blog posts.

Some people argue that a professional copywriter should take care of blogs, developing a strategy that keeps your website updated with fresh, interesting content that gives your brand a voice.

But the truth is that, particularly with small businesses, it’s not a brand voice that potential and existing customers want to hear. It’s a personal voice – yours.

One of the biggest selling points for a small business is a direct connection with customers. In many cases, there is no hierarchy in place, just an individual or small group offering products and services on a more personal scale. Your blog should reflect this.

I know that the argument against writing your own blog is not having sufficient time. However, you can get around this by supplementing your blog with guest blogs. I do this at Home for Business and actively search for high-quality specialists posts which will add value to my start-up community.

But if making a blog more personal means writing it yourself, where should you begin? What makes a good blog post, and how often should you be creating them? Read on for some useful tips on writing and managing your own blog.

What Is Your Business Blog For?

Today, everyone seems to have a blog. There are very few business websites that do not feature blog-style content, whether it’s under the name of a blog, article directory or updates. Often, blogs only exist because entrepreneurs have been told that unique, fresh content will improve their search engine rank. Writing high-quality content is good for your website’s ranking position. You can learn more about why this is the case with this article: Creating Fresh Content Is Good For SEO.

But blogging should not be about getting on the bandwagon. The most important question you can ask yourself before you begin your blog is, what do you hope to achieve?

A business blog can:

  • Connect with your target customers
  • Update customers about news in your business
  • Educate customers about your products and services
  • Encourage repeat visits to your website from loyal readers

These are just a few of the key functions of a business blog. While each of these things will naturally improve your search engine rank, your priority should be creating interesting, original content that visitors will love.

The search engine crawlers will then follow suit.

Three Powerful Blog Post Types

So you have decided what your blog will bring to your customers and, in turn, to your business. Now it’s time to get started with your first posts.

Here are just three of the most common blog post types that have a proven track record of attracting responses, shares through social media, and traffic.

1. How To

When people search the internet, they expect to come away with new information and insight. Although most of us aren’t conscious of it, learning is essential online.

If you give your visitors new information, they are more likely to convert into customers. What’s more, this in-demand insight is more likely to be shared with other people online.


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2. Lists

Why does the list post persist as one of the most popular content types online? For the most part, it’s ease of reading. Looking at a screen, visitors like to see text broken down into small, manageable chunks.

By definition, a list post does that effortlessly.


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3. Links

A sort of half-sister of the list post, you could act as an aggregator, bringing together interesting content from around the web. This is a great way to provide something valuable to visitors, without writing masses of content from scratch.

The thing that you have done is explored the web for articles and content that might be interesting to your visitors, and put it all in one, convenient place. Of course, links also run the risk of sending traffic away from your own website.


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Four Places To Get Ideas For Blog Posts

  1. If you’re looking for more blog post ideas, be sure to check out CopyBlogger. The team often writes about ways to come up with content for your marketing, and a browse through the archives can be a great way to get ideas for new blog post types.
  2. You should also read the blog posts at Business Bloggers to learn more about what makes a good business blog.
  3. Check out Google Free Keyword Tool. This is a great resource for blog ideas. Search on keywords related to your business and you will be able to see a list of the searches by keywords and phrases. You could write a post on all the popular searches.
  4. It is worth setting up an account on Alltop. This is a blogging network where you can see all the latest and popular posts for your industry. If a topic is popular then this could be a good place for you to start. Whilst it’s great to get ideas from other bloggers, it is important not to copy their content. Not only could you be breaking copyright laws but Google could penalise your website. If you are not familiar with this then you might like to read How To Check Duplicate Content.

Abandon The Blog Post Template

But the blog post types above are offered with a little reluctance. You see, sometimes the best thing you can do is forget about them.

There are no hard and fast rules about writing a blog. The only thing that matters is that you do.

A blog is a rare opportunity for you to reflect your voice to your customers. So stop worrying about what other people are doing, and focus on yourself.

Maybe you want to write a 2,000-word essay on the history of your business (if you do, you might want to break it up into a number of posts!). You might just want to say hello and talk about what you are working on in your business today.

What you say matters, but the most important thing of all is simply to say something.

I hope you found this article useful. If you did, tell me by clicking on like. Show me you’re alive! What do you think about who should write the business blog? Do you think it matters? Where do you get your ideas from? Share your comments below.

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