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Energising Desk Exercises

work life balanceWhen I tell people that I work from home, they often say that I have the perfect work life balance. They wish that they could work from home too.  My husband who commutes 2 hours a day to work says that I have a life of luxury! True, there are definite advantages:

Advantages Of A Home Business

  • No travel: There isn’t the daily commute into the office.¬†
  • Flexibility: You can choose your hours to fit in with your life style.¬†
  • You’re your own boss: You’re accountable to yourself.
  • You’re more productive: You have fewer distractions so should be able to work faster.

However, I still manage to work 35 hour a week and more, much of it sitting at my desk. The reality for anyone setting up a business is that you have to work long hours. ¬†As ¬†there are fewer distractions working from home than in an office I often don’t get enough breaks. In the past, I have suffered from repetitive strain injury and neck stiffness. ¬†If you suffer from RSI check out this helpful article on How To Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries.¬†Studies show that sitting at a desk for too long is bad for our health. It causes low blood circulation, low metabolism and an increased risk of heart disease. ¬†

Below is a ¬†video ¬†from Yoga Today which I want to share with you. ¬†It provides an easy 10 minute workout which can be done at the desk. Another advantage to running a home business ¬†is that you won’t get caught out and embarrassed by colleagues. ¬†No excuses then!¬†

I’d love to know how you keep fit and healthy working from home. Comment below & let me know you’re alive!

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