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Use Rich Snippets Before Your Competitors Do

Conventionally, the only way to get a worthwhile amount of traffic from search engines was to achieve the number one spot. The vast majority of web users click the first result they see for a given phrase, with a significant drop-off in traffic over the next two items. After the third position, most search queries will only deliver a negligible amount of traffic. But if your competitors are dominating those most coveted search positions, there are other ways that you can get more clicks from search. If you show more detail on what your page contains, attract attention with an image, or even gi Read More ...

April 05, 2013

Mobile Design Checklist: Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Most of us were reluctant. We’d worked hard to create gorgeous websites that looked incredible on desktops and laptops. We didn’t want to do it all again. But, as the mobile market increases and people spend more time on their smartphones and tablets than ever before, your website needs to be mobile ready. Of course, mobile web design a comparatively recent advance. For many of us, it’s hard to know where to begin. To help, we’ve put together a simple checklist that draws on authoritative resources on mobile design. If you’re ready to start preparing your website for mobile devices (and you sh Read More ...

April 15, 2013

Creating Fresh Quality Content Is Good SEO

Whether you’re just starting up your business or been established for a while, nearly all businesses today need to know something about search engine optimization or, as it is more commonly known, SEO. And in the last few months there’s been some important changes. Google has updated the way it determines how websites rank on the search engine. These changes have penalised hundreds of thousands of websites who no longer meet Google's new algorithm. So, if your website has lost its ranking in the last few months or can't be found on Google then it is likely that your website has been penalised Read More ...

August 06, 2012

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