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Start A Business With No Money: 6 Ingenious Tips For Start-ups

Frugality is key in today’s tumultuous economy. No sooner are we out of a recession than we’re falling back into one and no sooner are we falling back into one we’re crawling our way back out of one! A symptom of this cycle is that cash is an even more precious commodity. Many people are trying to start a business with little or no money and cutting back has become increasingly integral to small business su ...

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New Business Ideas Need Feedback

When you have an idea for a new business, getting feedback is important. By collecting as many independent opinions as possible, you can get a feel for whether your idea connects with people, attracts their interest, and has a potential market. However, business idea feedback is about more than quantity – which is lucky, because most of us don’t have access to thousands of detailed opinions at once! Instead ...

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Setting Up A Business Involves Taking A Risk

Whenever you decide to set up your new business, there is risk involved. Unfortunately, there is no instant fix for this, no solution that will see every risk eliminated and you ready to proceed with your business. You just have to find the confidence to start building your enterprise. You can, however, manage many of the risks associated with starting a business. By taking the time to identify the most com ...

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Negotiating – Don’t Undersell Yourself

Like anything in life, being a successful freelancer is all about the relationships and negotiations that you form. Even a trip to the local supermarket is the birth of a brief fling, where for a few shared moments you and the retailer are going to help each other out. You want a loaf of bread, and the shop assistant, tired and frustrated, wants to have a break. But, acting on the part of the supermarket, h ...

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Bookkeeping Systems For Start-up And Small Businesses

Running your own business is brilliant. No other career path offers the flexibility, control and excitement of building something of your own from scratch. But, of course, complete control also means absolute responsibility. As a result, being your own boss brings with it routine administration that you’d usually delegate to somebody else. During the start-up phase, it can be difficult to find effective, ea ...

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Start-up Funding Resources

There's an old adage when it comes to business that you have to spend money in order to make money. Whether you are looking to buy stock or simply get your work from home website up off the ground, you will need to find some kind of start-up funding in order to get your business running. There are, of course, many types of business that don’t require funding in a traditional sense. Any business in which you ...

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