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What’s A Happy Customer Worth To Your Business?

Few customers complain when they are unhappy with a service or product, they simply take their business elsewhere. If you are a small business then it's essential to know how much each customer is worth to your business. You need to consider not just the  cost of winning  the customer but ongoing sales. A solution is to measuring customer satisfaction regularly.There are many low cost solutions  which are i ...

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Dealing With Difficult Customers: Three Phases To Avoid Conflict

It happens to all of us. Despite your best intentions, things go wrong, and customers will rush to tell you about it in no uncertain terms. Increasingly, customers also turn to business review sites to tell the entire world what they think. But if you learn how to handle these customer conflicts effectively, you can turn even the most dissatisfied customer into a long-term partner. If somebody is being nega ...

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How To Create A Must-Have Opt-In Offer

As you spend your time creating website content, it would be wonderful to think that conversions happen instantly. Somebody finds your site, has a look at what you have to offer, and places an order right away. Of course, the reality is somewhat different. Any business owner will tell you that conversions happen gradually. People start out as interested parties, gradually turning into leads that genuinely h ...

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What Is A Merchant Account & How To Get Started?

If You Want To Make Money Online You’ll Need A Merchant Account Some people love running their own business from home. Some people are in it because they want the flexibility to set their own working hours, or have a day off with the family. But, alongside these other reasons, we all need to earn a living. We are all in this for the money. If you sell services, you may be content with an invoicing system an ...

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