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What Is A Good Business Name? Does It Matter?

You should never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a business by its name. In reality, though, people do this all the time. Whether you are targeting other businesses or working with consumers, your customers are busy people. We have an awful lot of noise in our lives and not a lot of time to make decisions about where we spend our money. A business name is a shortcut to what your business represen ...

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A Logo And Branding Is Needed For Start-ups

In Part 1, "What is Business Branding For Start-ups", we looked at why branding is important to new businesses and how you can determine your brand values and a brand personality. Now we're going to look at how to develop a logo and strapline that fits your brand and business. A logo doesn’t have to cost a fortune and once you have designed it you need to use it consistently on your website, on brochures, c ...

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What Is Business Branding For Start-ups?

If you think of the car company ‘Ferrari’ or someone says the word ‘coke’ to you, the chances are you are thinking about a red sports car and the Coca-Cola logo. The images appear instantaneously in your head because branding works on both the subconscious and conscious level. If I say ‘baked beans’, are you now thinking about Heinz? With this in mind, if someone were to mention a product or service you pro ...

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