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Stephen Marsh is a freelance copywriter based in Canterbury, Kent, with clients in diverse industries from private healthcare to private detectives. Services include website copywriting, press ad copywriting, press release writing and more.

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Working From Home: Male and Female Perspectives

Without the structure of employment, most people find their own unique ways of working from home. We create our own rules and daily routines, using our own systems to get things done. What’s more, we come away with different levels of satisfaction and different levels of success. But is there an overall trend to be found in the way that different sexes experience running a home business? Do men and women do ...

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To Get Freelance Work You Need A Winning Profile

Before you start putting yourself forward for freelance work, you need to take the time to make yourself look like an attractive prospect for a business. Often, your profile page on freelance websites such as People Per Hour, Elance and Freelancer is the only chance you have to give potential customers the crucial background information they need to make an intelligent decision for their business. It’s incr ...

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Negotiating – Don’t Undersell Yourself

Like anything in life, being a successful freelancer is all about the relationships and negotiations that you form. Even a trip to the local supermarket is the birth of a brief fling, where for a few shared moments you and the retailer are going to help each other out. You want a loaf of bread, and the shop assistant, tired and frustrated, wants to have a break. But, acting on the part of the supermarket, h ...

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People Per Hour – An Online Marketplace For Freelancers

People Per Hour offers a solution that makes it quick and easy to get in touch with new clients who are actively seeking your services. Describing itself as a ‘global marketplace’, the website has played a vital role in my success as a freelance copywriter, and – by following a few guidelines – could do the same for you. What Is People Per Hour? In 2006, graduate Xenios Thrasyvoulou had a great idea for a w ...

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How To Write From Home For A Living

The reality of becoming a full-time writer in any capacity is that you need an endless reservoir of self-motivation, absolute confidence in your skill with words, and the drive to work hard and grow your business over time. Still reading? Then let’s take a look at the world of freelance writing, from getting your first job to how much income you can expect to earn. The Difference Between Copywriting And Con ...

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