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Andrea Lindsay is a fully accredited clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor and development coach. She runs a busy practice Halotherapies on the south coast, working with a diverse range of issues that affect adults, couples, children and families. She also helps businesses deal with staff motivation, performance and other related issues such as workplace stress.

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A Good First Impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” - Oscar Wilde or Will Rogers or Mark Twain! There are mixed views as where this quote comes from.  Some people credit Oscar Wilde, whilst others say it was Will Rogers and some believe Mark Twain was the author.  Whoever it was, though, it can’t be argued with! Perception is reality. Whatever we perceive to be true becomes our truth. It is said tha ...

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Changing Career – It’s Time For A Change!

It was a rainy day in Swindon and I was on a three-day course entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Another course funded by the big corporate employer I worked for. After 17 years of working my way up and attending more courses than I can remember, I thought: “Here we go again, another course on positive thinking and how to get the best out of yourself (or, more accurately, how they can get t ...

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Time Management – Put First Things First!

When Elizabeth first approached me to ask if I could write for Home for Business, I thought “what have I got to say that others might find useful?” This might sound strange coming from psychotherapist and life coach who spends all day talking with people about what they want to achieve and what they need to change to have a better life. A face-to-face session with a ‘real’ person seems so much easier than h ...

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Managing Stress: It’s All In The Mind, Or Is It?

When I first read the quote from Abraham Lincoln "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be", it made me smile. This simple statement is played out before my eyes on a daily basis. I once heard that people tend to fall into two categories: those who seek help to help themselves and those who seek help and abdicate responsibility. Now you might think that surely anyone who actively seek ...

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