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Meet Elizabeth Conley

Founder of Home for Business

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother of three, PR Consultant and Entrepreneur

Like many women on most days I seem to have to juggle all my roles. On other days just three or four. This is why I founded Home for Business. I recognise what it takes to be a working mum and how to set up an online business from home with all ¬†‘pulls’ of everyday family life and work.

I have always been entrepreneurial and set up by first corporate communications company, EMA Productions, in my 30s working with big corporate clients such as Texaco, Rank and Boots. Whilst it was challenging and hard work, it was quickly successful. I could focus solely on winning contracts and meeting the clients needs without family distractions and with the support of a fantastic team and office.

It was great until I had children Рmuch as I love them! I needed to take a step back and went on to take my MA in Corporate Communications. This led to more flexible work as a Lecturer at Bournemouth University and work as Communication Consultant. Working with clients is hugely stimulating and presents different challenges and I like to keep busy. In the last couple of years, I worked with Southern Health, reviewing their corporate communication strategy, created an online brand and website for BTFI with Buildingateam, and a website for a leading Opthalmologist in Manchester. I am also a partner in a new online doctor consultation website, which will be launched shortly.

I feel very passionate about HomeforBusiness as I believe that lots of people want to create a better work/life balance and work from home, either setting up a new business or working as a freelancer. There are hundreds of genuine opportunities for people but often people do not know how to start. I want Home for Business to empower anyone who wants to work from home profitably. With a panel of guest experts I will share share genuine business opportunities, business ideas, advice on running a business, online marketing, and health and wellbeing tips. I have also put together my favourite free online resources.

Join our community to help support and celebrate each other.

Meet Andrea Lindsay

Hypnotherapist SQHP, D. Hyp, S.A.C. Dip, SHS (Acc)

Andrea Lindsay is a fully accredited clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor and development coach. She runs a busy practice on the south coast, working with a diverse range of issues that affect adults, couples, children and families. She also helps businesses deal with staff motivation, performance and other related issues such as workplace stress. Andrea trains and supervises other therapists in the field of clinical hypnotherapy.

Andrea is a regular guest on several radio programmes in the UK and overseas (Fire FM, Bay Radio, Gulf Radio). She writes for local and national media publications and blog sites.¬†She has been interviewed by national publications and has also presented on several internet TV programmes on subjects including dealing with phobias, body language at interviews and attracting a partner ‚Äď you can see some of these by logging on to

Andrea helps with issues such as:

  • fears and phobias
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • depressive or low moods
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • sports performance and entertainment confidence
  • addictions such as alcohol, food, smoking, drugs
  • trauma due to bereavement or accidents
  • behavioural issues such as anger management, Asperger‚Äôs Syndrome
  • other issues such as speech impediments, eating disorders

She has the following accreditations:

  • Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice
  • Higher Diploma in Indirect Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Principles
  • Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certificate
  • Certificate in Hypnosis for childbirth
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy with children
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Professional Therapeutic Counselling Diploma
  • ASET Level 4 Professional Therapeutic Counselling Award
  • Advanced Psychotherapy Diploma
  • ASET Level 4 Advanced Psychotherapy Award

 Andrea is a member of the following organisations:

  • Complementary Medical Association
  • The Hypnotherapy Association
  • The Hypnotherapy Society
  • The General Hypnotherapy Register
  • GHR Life Coaching Register
  • Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists
  • Counselling Ltd
  • Complementary Practitioners Register of the Federation of Antenatal Educators


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